MAS Media Design is your one-stop-shop for all things website design, marketing strategy, web development, graphic design, and more. We partner with clients to bring their brand, story, products, and services to life. When you work with us, you have a dedicated extension of your team focused on your needs and business goals. Our years of expertise and insight sets both our work and our client apart.

Web Design

Your website is often your first impression on a potential client or customer. It is your digital handshake, the first look at your products and services, and your chance to leave a lasting impression.

Web development

At MAS Media Design, we make website development easy and effortless. Our tried and true process of working hands-on with our clients allows us to successfully create a website that meets your business goals and brings your vision to life.


Domain and web hosting, SSL and security packages, servers … it can feel like a foreign language. Nonetheless, all crucial aspects of keeping things in tip-top shape when it comes to your website.


We have both the knowledge and tools to help make sure your site is set up using best-practices and industry standards for competitive search engine optimization (SEO). This makes your business easier to be found and ultimately increases trust and brand awareness.


Your brand is more than just a logo or icon that represents your business. While it’s a crucial element, it is just one piece of the branding puzzle. Your brand is everything; it’s the perception and reputation associated with your organization.


Your website, website design, branding, SEO … these are the strong foundations to take your marketing to the next level. Whether its writing and maintaining your blog, managing your social media presence, event planning and preparation, or writing content - let us manage the execution of your marketing strategy.


We want to hear your ideas and bring them to life!

Our Work

South Dakota Soybean Processors
Web Design
Bushmills Ethanol
Web Design
Prairie Home Hospice
Web Design
Clark Drew Construction
Web Design
Bowes Construction
Web Design
Brookings Dental Clinic
Web Design


"Hannah and Shay have been so valuable with the process of creating our website and providing us with a great marketing approach for our company. We couldn’t have picked a better team to work with, they are always very responsive and supportive, so glad we are working with them and highly recommend them!”
Cassi Heuer
PMHNP-BC and founder, Concordia Mind Health

Teamwork Really Does Make Our Dream Work

Although we share a passion for marketing, family, and all things creative, it’s the yin and yang dynamic of Hannah and Shay that brings magic to the work and clients of MAS Media Design. Our unique talents and skills make for a charismatic partnership and an unstoppable force. We truly believe every business has a story, and it’s our job to help you tell it through the power of design and marketing.

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